February 23, 2006

The Velveteen Robosapien

Fuzzy twisted yarn,
meticulously knotted,
creates new servo.


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Blogger MjM said...

Match made in heaven;
haiku puns

need to talk to us
euphonius, okay now
answering machine



12:43 PM  
Blogger catnapping said...

the funniest answering machine recording i ever heard (or maybe i read it somewhere) went something like this:

Hello, this is the refrigerator. The answering machine isn't working, so if you'll leave your message on a post-it, I'll see what I can do...

1:17 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

I love your bot haiku.


7:40 AM  
Blogger MjM said...

fony fembot is
a place I check for haiku
no updates today

2:10 PM  

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